What You'll Get with the Private Money Exchange
Affiliate Program:

Online access to the Comprehensive Private Money Exchange Training

Private Money Exchange Affiliate Squeeze Page

Become an Independent Commercial Financing Specialist

250 Professionally Designed Business Cards

Personalized Access to Affiliate Tracking and Your Leads

2 Tickets to the National Buying and Funding Tour

Online Access to The #1 License to Print Money (legally)

All-Day Training How and when to use each Note Stage

The 4 Steps to becoming a Calculator Genius

The ABCs of Credit How to Create Paper
(It's all in how you structure it)

7 Steps to Simultaneous Closing The Chain of Title:
It's Challenges and Solutions
Techniques to Uncover Bank's "Bad" Paper

How to Sell Property with Paper AND, much more.



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AND Don't Forget about the Guarantees:

Guarantee #1:

Within the next 12 months, if you don’t recover twice your investment, I’ll double your money back.*

Guarantee #2:

Within the next 60 days, when you close a deal or bring a borrower or lender in that Private Money Exchange helps fund, I will double your affiliate fee.

With thousands of real estate transactions nationwide and 50 million dollars worth of real estate transactions under our belt, and a Million Dollars Looking to be Funded RIGHT NOW, we’re the expert in evaluating investment opportunities from both the borrower and the lender’s side.

With Lee's powerful and far reaching program, you'll know how to borrow, lend and broker private money like a pro. You’ll not only learn how to find the properties, you’ll know how to fund them each and every time!

AND, you'll make on-going, residual income using this Exclusive and Originally-Designed Strategic Affiliate Program!

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*To qualify for the double your money back guarantee you must send 1 unique visitor per day to your website who fills out the form and clicks submit. If at the end of the 12 months from the date of your order you have sent over 365 customers through your site and have not received compensation twice your initial investment or actually monies paid to the company the company will cut you a check for twice your initial investment for the program only. If a partial payment was made the 12 months begin upon receipt of the total funds required for the purchase.